In the margins, the gutters, the bramble...
Roseanne Johnson
8 pages / b﹠w, laser print, saddle stitch on newsprint / 5x6.5 / ed. of 50.
$5 + $3.99s/h. (buy)


In the margins, the gutters, the bramble... is a beautiful, claustrophobic dive through the anarchic example of the Himalayan blackberry bramble and its invasive - (de)colonizing - relationship to the alienating architecture of the exurb.

Roseanne Johnson is an artist from the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Her work in text, clothing, ready-made, and hand-worked objects are a cacophonous ruination of productivity, respectability, and heirarchies of passing for someone who shops.

Roseanne is co-conspirator and co-director of Huner Francis. She currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.