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is a time focused online cinema/journal/diary dedicated to the elongation, suspension, and untimeliness of time. Each issue is treated with care, and published indeterminately per the means and welfare of all parties involved.(huner.francis@gmail.com | ig:@huner_francis)

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is a slow/small imprint...

Orla Mc Hardy, No Common Sentence
2016 - 2019, 25’36

Essay and Interview
by Roseanne Johnson/Micah H. Weber

[Interview/Text AVAILABLE]

MOS #2

Travis Austin, Judd’s Walking Boxes
2020 (essay)


September 16th, 2020 to October 20th, 2020


In the essay ‘Judd's Walking Boxes’ musician and artist Travis Austin rethinks the role sound and movement play within Donald Judd's 100 untitled works in mill aluminum.

*Auditory perception dissolves visually-based epistemologies that are foundational to the Western art-historical canon. Where Judd takes a step from painting into real space, sound art takes another and surpasses empirical individuals. Judd said of his own art, “There should be no movement, why should a static object imitate movement?” Now that we can hear a Judd piece, we know that it is moving. The objects and spaces he created are not static.*

Contact: travisraustin@gmail.com        

MOS #3

Rose Bond, Gaia’s Dream
1982, 3’01 hand drawn 16mm film,
(digital: H264/1080p)

Essay & Interview
by John Summerson


October 21st, 2020 to November 15th, 2020


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